1) Railway concession:

For Railway concession, students shall report to office with the College Identity Card. The student is required to fill the requisition form available in the office; after submission of the same, the Railway Concession form shall be issued on the following working day NOTICE  +Railway Concession Form.doc The issuance of Concession Form is likely to take 2 I 3 days and thus the application shall be made sufficiently in advance.

2) Examination Info:

Notices about examination, fees etc. shall be displayed on the Examination Notice Board.

3) Mobile Phones 81 Music Gadgets:

Carrying mobile phones including I-Pods, musical and all such electronic gadgets, are strictly forbidden in the college campus, especially in the class rooms, labs and corridors at all times.If anyone is found using the same, they shall be confiscated and also a fine of Rs.1000f- will be levied.

4)Wearing of Identity Badges:

The identity badges are made of a very high quality, from strong and unbreakable material and are also expensive. Students are expected to wear them for the entire period while they are studying in M.J.J.C.S. In case of loss of college ID card, students should follow the following steps:

Apply for a duplicate college ID with a penalty fine of Rs.300 immediately. Till the timeduplicate college ID has been issued the student can enter the college premises with the original college Fee receipt plus duplicate ID receipt.

5)General Behavior:

Noise level in the class rooms, verandahs & lobby; talking loudly, howling, shouting etc in the class rooms or in the College building, during the change of subjects, intervals and playing in class rooms and verandahs is also not permitted. During the lecture hours, students are not expected to while away their time in the canteen.

6)Ragging :

Ragging is strictly forbidden through the directives of Honorable Supreme Court and Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging Act 1999. Such acts shall result in immediate suspension. If any student is affected by ragging, (she may report the matter to the Disciplinary committee /HOD/Principal/Director. Using popular social sites like ‘Facebook’, ‘Orkut’, etc. (through electronic media}, to malign the name of fellow students shall also Amount to ‘Ragging.’

7) Environment Protection :

Use of plastics, throwing of chocolate wrappers, coffee /tea/soft drink paper cups, straws, snack packets etc. is strictly prohibited.

8) Attendance:

Maintaining minimum of 75% attendance in each term is compulsory failing of which will lead to strict disciplinary action and may even result in elimination from appearing in the final exam.A student may be excused, only in case of genuine medical reason and the student would be required to produce the proof for the same. Parents have to give an undertaking duly signed for the same.

9) Library:

Maintaining absolute silence in the library is thumbs rule, failing of which the student will be penalized by the library staff committee. Completion of journals and home assignments is not allowed inside the library premises. Any loss or damage to the library books or property will cause a penalty of 150% ofthe MRP of the book or property

10) Lost and Found Department:

College is not responsible for any lost articles. Lost and found department of college will make earnest efforts to find the lost items. Students are requested to report all lost items to this department.

11) Dress Code for Students :

Students are advised not to carry or wearvaluables in college premises. The college expects the students to wear decent clothes to maintain the college decorum. Failing to which they will invite disciplinary action.

12) College Property:

In case of any damage being caused to the college property [laboratory or any other placela warning card will be issued. Conduct, which is not acceptable on the moral grounds will lead to suspension or dismissal of the pupil.

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